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    Ò»¡¢The fire definition loses the disaster in the time and the space which the control burning creates.(GB5907-86£©
¶þ¡¢The fire classified fire divides into A, B, C, the D four kinds£¨GB4968-85£©
1. A kind of fire: Refers to the solid matter fire. This material often has the organic physical property, generally when burning can produce the scalding hot ash fire. If lumber, cotton and kapok, wool, hemp, paper fire and so on.
2. B kind of fire: Refers to solid fire which the liquid fire and may melt. If gasoline, petroleum, crude oil, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, asphalt, paraffin wax fire and so on.
3. C kind of fire: Refers to the gas fire. If coal gas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen fire and so on.
4. D kind of fire: Refers to the metal fire. Refers to the potassium, the sodium, the magnesium, the titanium, the zirconium, the lithium, the aluminum magnesium alloy fire and so on.