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New title:The family catches fire emergency ten wants    Browsing number of times:[ 1406 ]


    一、Initially is on fire easily to suppress, in fire engine not to front, if can concentrate rescues with all one's strength, often can turn danger into safety, is out of danger.
二、Must report to the police early, reports to the police early, loses slightly.Keeps firmly in mind “119” the fire-alarm telephone.
三、Must put out a fire first, latter transports the belongings, the moment delay, Yi Chengju the disaster.When catches fire, is not suitable rescues the belongings first, is swallowed easily the opportunity which chokes suffocates dies or loses escapes.
四、Wants calm calm, the strict observance order, can in the scene of a fire good retreat.If rushes to be first, mutually crowded, blocks the channel, causes from to trample, can create the tragedy which should not have.
五、Goes downstairs the channel to seal up by the fire, wants when runs away does not have the road, the quilt list, the table cloth rips Cheng Buwu, forms the rope, the jail is the window sill, again uses the lower hem corner to protect the control, coasts along the rope.
六、The neighbouring room is on fire, does not have to open the door, should plunge into the window balcony, shouts the rescue or is out of danger with the front law.Otherwise, the steam thick smoke, seizes the opportunity to sneak in, causes the human to suffocate.
七、When the smog is thick, does not need to be startled, with the knee, the elbow is well-grounded suitably, advance by creeping, because nearly is situated often remains the crisp air.The attention, the breath wants to be small and to be shallow.
八、In must goes upstairs in the situation, must the screen live the breath to go upstairs.Because the thick smoke rise speed is each second 3-5 meter, but the human goes upstairs the speed is each second 3-5 meter, but the human goes upstairs the speed is each second 0.5 meter.
九、When flees, must use the wet towel to cover stops talking the nose.Also in the available room in the vase, the canteen, the golden fish bowl water moistens clothes, the cloth class and so on covers stops talking the nose.When the belt baby flees, available wet cloth light Mongolia on his face, is hugging him, is well-grounded grasps the line to escape.

十、Front flees must have gate between the kitchen to fasten first.Specially in inhabitant many buildings and the hotel, uses this measure, causes the flame, the thick smoke imprisonment in a room, does not send the rapid spread, can wins the valuable time for myself and everybody.