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New title:Meets the fire to help oneself seven law    Browsing number of times:[ 1422 ]


    一、If has seeks asylum the level or disperses the staircase, but enters advanced seeks asylum the level or from disperses the staircase to remove to the security place.
二、If the floor has caught fire burning, but the staircase not yet burns out, when fire intensity not extremely violent, may put on the clothing which the water used soaks, flushes fast from the building.
三、The multi-layered construction fire, like the staircase already burnt out, when or fire intensity already quite violent, might using the house balcony, the downcomer or the bamboo pole and so on escapes.。
四、If each kind escapes the route is shut off, should draw back in the room, closes the windows and doors.Has when the condition may water to the windows and doors in, delays the fire intensity spread process.At the same time, may to outdoor throw the little thing, may outward flash a torch in the night, sends out prays for rescue the signal.
五、If the life receives the serious threat, when does not have other help oneself the means, the available string or the bed sheet rip Cheng Tiaozhuang to connect, an end ties up tightly on the reliable window lattice or other heavy items, again is being suitable the string or the cloth strip coasts。
六、If adopts unconditionally above helps oneself the means, but the time is extremely urgent, the smoke and fire threat is serious, when being compelled jumps from an upper story, may first drop out thing and so on some cotton-wadded quilt to the ground, increases the cushion, then the hand-held window toward glides down, reduces jumps from an upper story the altitude, and guaranteed the both feet first falls to the ground.
七、Must carry forward the cooperation spirit, helps the old person, the child, the patient first to disperse.To the moving about with difficulty available quilt, the wool blanket and so on wrap up, and so on hangs with the string cloth strip.