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New title£ºPeople's Republic of China fire prevention law    Browsing number of times£º[ 1254 ]


    £¨On April 29, 1998 the ninth session of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress second conference passed£©
The table of contents
first chapter of general rule
second chapter of fire prevents
the third chapter of fire prevention to organize
the fourth chapter of fire fighting to rescue
the fifth chapter of legal liability
sixth chapter of supplementary articles
first chapter of general rule;
First article for the fire preventing and the reduced fire harm, protects the citizen person, the public property and the citizen property safety, maintains the public security, the safeguard socialism modernization carries on smoothly, formulates this law.
The second article fire prevention work implementation prevention primarily, guards against disappears the union policy, persisted the special organ and the populace unify the principle, practices the fire protection safety responsibility system.
The third article fire prevention work leads by State Council, is responsible by the place all levels of people's government.All levels of people's government must integrate the fire work the national economy and the social development, the safeguard fire prevention work and the economic development and the social development adapts.
Fourth article State Council Public security department to the national fire work implementation management by supervision, in the county level above place all levels of people's government public security organ's to this administrative division fire work implementation management by supervision, and is responsible by this level of people's government public security organ fire prevention organization to implement.Military installation, mine pit underground part, nuclear power plant fire work, by its master unit management by supervision.
The forest, the prairie fire work, the law, the administrative rules and regulations have the stipulation in addition, from its stipulation.
Fifth article any unit, individual all has the maintenance fire prevention security, the protection fire prevention facility, the fire preventing, the report fire-alarm duty.Any unit, the grown-up citizens all have start the organized fire fighting work the duty.

The sixth article all levels of people's government must carry on the fire propaganda education frequently, raises citizen's fire consciousness.
Administration departments responsible for the work and so on education, work must integrate the fire knowledge the teaching, the training content.
The news, the publication, the broadcast, the movie, the television and so on the concerned department responsible for the work, has carries on the fire safe propaganda education the duty.
Seventh article to has the prominent contribution or the result remarkable unit in the fire work and individual, must give to reward.